New tech makes Tianjin Port smarter
New tech makes Tianjin Port smarter 新技术让天津港更智能
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New breakthrough! Tianjin Port Group was approved to expand the area of the Port Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone (Phase I).
A few days ago, Tianjin Port Group was officially approved by the Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission to expand the port autonomous driving demonstration zone (phase I) area to Tianjin Port Eurasia International Container Terminal. With this as a sign, Tianjin Port Group has further accelerated the research and development of the key technology of intelligent horizontal transportation, which will have far-reaching significance for the application and promotion of the whole process transformation scheme of traditional terminals. In December 2023, the construction area of Tianjin Port Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone (Phase I) successfully passed the acceptance. The demonstration area has realized the whole process of automated terminal operation, which has achieved remarkable results in improving operation efficiency, reducing operation energy consumption, and saving operation costs. The demonstration area is oriented to the horizontal transportation operation scenario of the port, and integrates multiple links such as the application scale of autonomous vehicles, the automation transformation of terminal equipment, the construction of supporting system platforms, and the establishment of safety management systems and technical standard systems. On this basis, Tianjin Port Group applied for the expansion of the construction area of the Port Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone (Phase I) to Tianjin Port Eurasia International Container Terminal at the end of 2023, and successfully obtained approval. Tianjin Port Eurasia International Container Terminal is a traditional container terminal, with 3 professional container berths, with a full-hall layout, equipped with 11 quay cranes and 37 field bridges. The shoreline of the wharf is 1,100 meters long and has the ability to receive and unload 200,000-ton container ships around the clock. The expansion area of the port autonomous driving demonstration zone (phase I) will take the lead in transforming the N9 berth and 01D-06D yard of Eurasia International Container Terminal to realize the full-process automation of one berth. The construction of the expansion area of the demonstration area will re-plan the operation process and supporting facilities of the Eurasia International Container Terminal, and study the full-process automated operation process based on the remote control quay crane of a single trolley + automated four-rope tire yard bridge + horizontal transportation robot (ART), as well as the layout process of charging area, PB buffer zone and unlocking station, so as to meet all the application scenarios of full-process automated operation, and actively explore the application of limited mixed traffic scenarios, and finally form a safe driving of internal and external container trucks and friendly interaction between vehicles and roads. and an operating environment suitable for the safe operation of autonomous horizontal transport equipment. At the same time, through iterative optimization of the technology of autonomous driving horizontal transportation equipment, it can gradually adapt to the whole scenario, whole chain and full cycle of traditional container terminal operations, and build a new ecology for the application of autonomous driving horizontal transportation equipment. In the next step, Tianjin Port Group will deeply focus on the landing application scenarios of port autonomous driving, gradually improve the construction of intelligent transportation systems integrating autonomous driving, further improve the deployment of 5G+ mobile communication networks and cloud control platforms in ports, combine advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data to effectively improve the production and operation level of the port, boost the digital transformation of Tianjin Port to a new level, contribute to the construction of Tianjin North International Shipping Hub, and contribute to the construction of the international shipping hub in northern Tianjin. The intelligent upgrade provides the "Chinese solution" with the best operation efficiency, and provides strong support for the construction of an innovative country and the implementation of the strategy of becoming a transportation power.
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5 peak logistics periods to prepare for in 2024
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主要港口企业重点货物经济运行分析简报(2023年10月) According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the total import and export volume of goods in China in October 2023 was 3541.7 billion yuan, showing an increase of 0.9% from 2022 to 2023. Among them, the export amount was 1973.6 billion yuan, showing a decrease of 3.1% from 2022 to 2023; The import amount was 1568.1 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.4%. From January to October, the total import and export volume of goods was 34319.9 billion yuan, an increase of 0.03%. Among them, the export amount was 19554.3 billion yuan, an increase of 0.4%; The import amount was 14765.6-billion-yuan, a decrease of 0.5%. According to data from the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the Chinese export container transportation market showed a downward trend followed by an upward trend in October. In the first half of the month, the transportation market continued to adjust after the National Day holiday, and freight rates continued to decline. In the second half of the month, transportation demand steadily improved, and there were signs of improvement in supply and demand fundamentals, with spot market booking prices rebounding. The average value of China's comprehensive export container freight index released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange in October was 816.22 points, a decrease of 6.9% compared to the average of the previous month; The average Shanghai Export Container Composite Index, which reflects the spot market, is 940.60 points, a decrease of 1.6% from the previous month's average. In October, according to statistics from the China Ports Association, major coastal inland port enterprises completed a cumulative container throughput of 22.9063 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%, continuing to maintain a growth trend. Among them, a cumulative foreign trade container throughput of 13.5343 million TEUs was completed, with a yearly increase of 6.8%. From January to October, major port enterprises completed a cumulative container throughput of 23.02364 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. Among them, a cumulative foreign trade container throughput of 136.7965 million TEUs was completed, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%. In October, 11 coastal container hub port enterprises, including Dalian Port Group, Tianjin Port Group, Qingdao Port Group, Lianyungang Port Holding Group, Shanghai Port Group, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd., Xiamen Port Holding Group, Guangzhou Port Group, Shenzhen Port Enterprise, Beibu Gulf Port Co., Ltd., and Hainan Port & Shipping, completed a cumulative container throughput of 19.2344 million TEUs, an increase of 4.13%. From January to October 2023, the monthly container throughput and year’s growth rate of 11 coastal container hub port enterprises are shown in Figure . From January to October, the above-mentioned 11 coastal container hub port enterprises completed a cumulative container throughput of 189.5615 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 4.78%.
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Full of achievements! Tianjin Port Group Amazingly Appears at the 2023 Tianjin International Shipping Industry Expo 11月16日,以“航通天下 运行未来”为主题的2023天津国际航运产业博览会(以下简称国际航运展)在国家会展中心(天津)盛大开幕。在大会为期三天的活动中,将以“1+3+N”论坛模式,同期举办1场主论坛暨新港国际航运论坛、第三届世界一流港口多式联运大会等3场专题论坛,以及发布会、推介会、签约会等多场次同期活动。来自22个国家和地区的400余家航运领域龙头企业、上市公司、世界知名港口将以此为契机把握航运产业发展未来,打造航运领域盛会和合作交流平台,共享机遇、共谋发展、共促合作。 天津港集团作为本次大会的主办单位之一,携近年来港口建设最新成果,惊艳亮相N17展馆港口机械设备展区。588平方米区域展位,其设计灵感来自于一幅徐徐展开的画卷,其中的元素既包含以“印象津港”版画为代表,港产城融合一体谋划的企业发展理念,也包含以集装箱和港口机械元素为代表,天津港集团“志在万里、勇攀高峰”的企业精神和“天下港口、津通世界”的企业形象。全面展现天津港集团向海而兴、勇立潮头,加快世界一流绿色智慧枢纽港口建设、开启蓬勃兴盛新征程的奋进之路。 走进展馆,全球首个“智慧零碳”码头——天津港C段智能化集装箱码头全景式互动沙盘,正伫立在“港口地基”模拟场景之上,“场岸桥”移动自如、ART按照指定路线行进、风电设备运行稳定,有条不紊。这些精密的操作如沙盘展示的一样,真实地发生在50公里以外的无人码头之上,智慧与绿色尽显其中。 抬头望去,标有地中海航运、马士基航运、达飞轮船、中远海运字样的集装箱正“飘”在空中,将来自世界各地的货物运到天津港,运到我们的日常生活中去。 “为什么集装箱船舶不能超过400米?”“集装箱的分类及特征是什么?”“码头的演变到底经历了哪些过程?”这些问题的答案究竟是什么?画卷的反面告诉了我们答案,通过集装箱、集装箱船、码头三个故事的有机结合,清晰地为观众构建起了港口在服务国际大循环中不可替代的作用。顺着向下看去,天津港集团2019-2027年建设的成果及未来的展望也随之映入眼帘。“信息化、自动化、智能化、数字化再到智慧绿色枢纽港口升级版”,天津港蓬勃兴盛,我们一直在路上。 除此之外,这里有时下流行的VR体验项目,戴上小巧精致的VR眼镜,观众们就可以实时看到港口生产作业一线的场景;这里有数字人体验项目,天津港IP卡通形象“天天”化身数字人,详细介绍天津港小知识,为观众答疑解惑;这里还有岸、场桥远控操纵模拟台,观众坐上操作台,晃动摇杆,便可现场“试驾”,体验“抓箱子”的快乐…… 一次次小小的创新、一个个成绩的诞生,都是天津港集团深入贯彻落实习近平总书记视察天津港重要指示精神的生动实践,展示了天津港全面建设世界一流智慧港口、绿色港口的能力与决心,更表明了天津港为建设航运强国、交通强国贡献的津港力量。 当日,天津港集团展区吸引了众多参展观众。大家纷纷点赞天津港:通过国际航运展,了解了天津港发展现状,近距离感受到港口的智慧化进程,深刻感受到港口和百姓日常生活息息相关,觉得十分震撼,也相信天津港作为天津的亮丽名片,一定能取得更长远的发展。
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天津港股份公司入选 《2023上市公司董事会最佳实践》优秀实践案例
Tianjin Port Co., Ltd. win the prize for excellent practice case from 2023 "Best Practices for the Board of Directors of Listed Companies in 2023" 11月11日,中国上市公司协会举办“2023中国上市公司企业家年会暨2023上市公司董事会最佳实践发布活动”,此次会议以“激发新质生产力 引领高质量发展”为主题,共话上市公司可持续发展之路,中国上市公司协会副会长、天津港集团党委副书记、总裁焦广军参加会议,作为代表向大会宣读了《以新质生产力推进高质量发展(深圳)倡议》,并为2023上市公司董事会最佳实践获奖单位颁奖。 在此次发布活动中,天津港股份公司通过持续提升董事会治理效能,积极完善中国特色现代企业制度,持续深化强化上市公司合规治理,促进可持续发展,深化推进绿色港口与智慧港口建设,在5300多家上市公司中脱颖而出,成功入选《2023上市公司董事会最佳实践》优秀实践案例,进一步提升了公司在资本市场的影响力。 在上市公司治理方面 该公司把党的全面领导贯穿公司治理各领域全过程全方位,形成了党建引领、权责透明、协调运转、有效制衡的公司治理机制。同时,严格按照上市公司监管要求,不断规范治理架构,严格经营运作,以充分透明的信息披露,良好互动的投资者关系,严格有效的内部控制体系,诚信经营,建立了完善的法人治理结构和公司治理制度。2022年,该公司获评国务院国资委国有企业公司治理示范企业,入选地方国有企业社会责任·先锋100指数。 在履行社会责任方面 该公司立足港口服务本质,全力打造“以客为尊、服务兴企、互利共赢”的枢纽港口。他们深入开展“四千行动”,优化提升服务资源,变“坐商”为“行商”,近3年累计走访客户7000余家次,“四千品牌”成为全国港口行业唯一入选国务院国资委品牌建设的典型案例;深度融入共建“一带一路”,开通多条RCEP航线,集装箱航线达145条;服务京津冀协同发展, 推进组建津冀港口联盟,做好环渤海“天天班”与“两点一航”服务,布局京津冀营销网点40家,建成雄安新区服务中心,全力推动港产城融合发展。经过努力,他们成功入选中国上市公司协会ESG优秀实践案例,成为交通运输行业唯一入选ESG优秀实践案例的港口上市企业。 在建设绿色智慧港口方面 该公司深入贯彻习近平生态文明思想,落实天津港集团绿色发展要求,把安全绿色发展贯穿到港口规划、建设和运营的全过程,打造以人为本、安全健康、环境友好的绿色港口;深入落实国家双碳发展新理念,于全国港口行业率先取得碳管理体系评价证书,全部滚装码头实现“零碳”运营,获颁中国船级社《碳中和证书》;坚持科技创新助力公司加速发展的战略路线,加强5G、大数据、人工智能等新一代信息技术与港口深度融合,打造以质为先、效率至上、创新引领的智慧港口,为全球港口智慧化升级贡献“天津港方案”,打响“津港效率、全球领先”品牌。 下一步,天津港股份公司将继续按照集团公司要求部署,全面贯彻新发展理念,牢记“上市”初心,持续提升竞争能力,严格按照证监会要求,敬畏市场,敬畏法治,敬畏专业,敬畏投资者,着力巩固治理能力,增强竞争能力,提升创新能力,提高抗风险能力,提升回报能力,探索高质量发展路径。
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  • ”以人为本,合作双赢”是我们的基本经营理念;
  • 我们以“尊重客户评价,追求质优价廉”为核心价值观;
  • 以“为客户创造价值”为使命;




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